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Accompaniment throughout the development process.

Contract manufacturing natural cosmetics

Contract manufacturing natural cosmetics Switzerland


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PhytoVero offers PRIVATE LABEL and CONTRACT MANUFACTURING services in addition to in-house development and manufacturing of the PhytoVero cosmetic line.

PhytoVero is

Contract manufacturer of natural cosmetic products

We are an experienced provider in the contract manufacturing of certified natural cosmetics.
Our core competencies are the formulation of recipes according to NaTrue and the reformulation of organic products (basic requirement: Bioinspecta) as well as the production, bulk production and filling/contract filling of end products for future-oriented customers.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) depends on the type of product and is generally around 100kg ‘bulk’ and 2500 finished endproducts.


With us, your innovative visions come true!

PhytoVero offers

Professional service in a modular system

Our customers can enjoy the “full service” of our services or purchase only partial steps of the production process.

The vision of our customers is in line with our philosophy, so that together we can develop a wonderful product that meets the sustainable requirements of our time.

This is our offer.

Full service or modular modules

From the idea to the production-ready product.

Research and development for your vision


You have a forward-looking, sustainable vision and need a professional company on your side. As a small manufactory we offer high flexibility and great knowledge in all sub-steps. What starts as a passionate idea receives innovation and feasibility at the highest level.

We are well versed in recipe formulation with domestic and foreign regulations, experienced in the entire development process up to the ready-made filling of the marketable product.

Realize your crazy and forward-looking ideas with us! As an experienced partner and cosmetics manufacturer, we will accompany you to your goal.

With our “Private Label” offer, you can bring your sustainable cosmetic product to market. We offer you the complete infrastructure for the research, development and production of your cosmetic product or cosmetic line.

We use only the best BIO quality of raw materials and do not compromise.

Initial consultation / White Label / Private Label



What’s behind your vision and how can you make it happen? Do you want to develop a new product with us with “Private Label” or is the “White Label” – a PhytoVero product in your packaging – the right way for you.


We develop your visions with our philosophy. Together we will work on your new product, develop a new recipe and realize your project.


Our products under your name: Our natural cosmetics line “PhytoVero” is one of the gentlest and most compatible cosmetics lines around.

You are enthusiastic about the effect and care of our products and would like to sell them under your name and in your packaging, then you can distribute them as a “white label” product.


Concept development



We advise our customers extensively about all possibilities and development steps. The demands on modern production processes are constantly increasing. From the concept development to the packaging of your product, we are at your side.

Together we will define your strategy, your multiple opportunities, possible innovations and the conditions.

Your advantages:

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Existing product and base formulations
  • Short time to market
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Flexible and customized innovations
  • Clear and structured pricing
  • Compliance with domestic and foreign compliance regulations

Recipe formulation



We are experts in recipe formulation. In the area of certified and sustainable cosmetics, we can translate your vision into a formulation or reformulate existing non-sustainable products to meet the requirements of sustainable labels like NaTrue.

Many innovations and new formulations have already been worked out by our creative development team in our in-house laboratory and successfully exist on the market.

Our offer:

  • Implementation of customized customer requirements
  • Advice on the certified BIO raw materials of the best quality
  • Certification (NaTrue)
  • Comprehensive testing capabilities (stability, preservation, compatibility and efficacy)
  • Dermatological studies (PIF, CPSR)
  • Regulatory documentation

Further development and utility models



On the way to a product ready for sale, we produce samples for our customers on the basis of which we gradually develop the product further.

Our know-how and confidence in dealing with regulations lead safely to the convincing end product after each milestone.

Our customers are involved in the development process right from the start.

The utility models are created in our cGMP-compliant cosmetics laboratory.


Quality assurance and control



We meet the highest quality standards in the industry, are ISO 22716 certified and manufacture according to cGMP. In this way, we can guarantee the legal requirements and the traceability of our products.

Strict quality assurance takes place at every stage of the production process.

In the cooperation, our customers are professionally supported in all quality-related issues.

Analytics - Infrastructure - Laboratory



Innovative and sustainable formulations have been created in our laboratory for years.

Our broad know-how and our extensive network of partners makes us a versatile and diverse partner for lab samples and individual development boosts for your project.

We have certified laboratory facilities and flexible automated equipment according to cGMP and ISO22716.

For high-quality formulation and product development, we use our state-of-the-art analytical measuring equipment in the laboratory.

Regulations / Compliances Switzerland and worldwide



The legal requirements for the final products, the labels and the claims, as well as the production processes are comprehensive. The correct claim must be substantiated before the product can be sold.

Special dossiers or certifications and their regulatory documents are required for the various sales markets. The requirements for the cosmetics industry are strictly regulated and the multi-layered specifications must be met.

Your advantages in our cooperation:

  • Confident handling of all regulations
  • Use of certified BIO raw materials
  • Great experience with preservatives
  • Professional safety reports
  • PIF’s (Product Information File)
  • Experience and our broad knowledge in the international environment (EU, China, USA)

Production - bulk production

From Laboratory Samples to Multiton Production

We work very flexibly and can adapt to specific needs and produce small quantities if required.

Innovative companies quickly respond to the needs of the market, so we offer different bulk size production.
Our order assortment includes a wide range of face and body care products and we are constantly developing new products.

We carry out our cosmetics production with our multifunctional and specifically formatable process equipment.

We guarantee efficient contract manufacturing of creams, emulsions, shampoos, ointments, tinctures, lotions and numerous other products, as well as their filling.


Our production capacity ranges up to 5’000kg per batch depending on the product and volume:

  • Production of “private label” and “white label” products in the field of natural cosmetics according to the PhytoVero philosophy from 1’000 pieces including labeling (from roll) and filling.

Filling - Bulk filling


The professional filling and documentation according to ISO22716 of natural cosmetic products in Bern.
Semi-automatic to fully automatic filling in various containers with a typical Bernese flexibility as far as customer requirements are concerned.

  • Filling of natural cosmetic bulk from 2’000 pieces (for smaller quantities please inquire)
  • Glass, airless, Tigel, PET, spray and basically everything there is.
  • Powder mixing and powder filling


Tube filling:

  • Filling in aluminum tubes and PE/PP tubes (also PICEA tubes and bioplastic tubes), laminate tubes
  • Aluminum tube filling Tube diameter: 19mm, 25mm, 30mm, plus special sizes
  • PE/PP and laminate tubes diameters: 30mm, 35mm, 40mm and 50mm, plus special sizes (rectangular tubes, conical tubes)




We can fill practically all formats and shapes with our machines.

We process materials such as glass, recycled PET, recycled aluminum as standard and fill the various forms such as tubes, bottles, roll-ons. For special customer requirements, we adapt our machines accordingly to provide the range as requested.


Your product can be filled in a wide variety of containers and in fill quantities from 1ml to 1,000ml. We will be happy to advise you on sustainable packaging options and present you with various possibilities.


Label design with correct content information and various hazard warnings are of great importance for a marketable product.

Our labeling machines run right and left and labeling from rolls wound right and left, are in our offer.


We offer a complete packaging service designed to meet a variety of different packaging requirements and processes.

    Filling of glass bottles

    From 10ml up to 250ml