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Our principles

Good for your skin and our environment.








Our view of the entire value chain


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PhytoVero develops products that fully comply with our ideas of sustainability in both the social and ecological sense, from the raw material, ingredient, effect and formulation, packaging, shipping to disposal. In doing so, we work consistently according to our principles.

A crucial part of our work is the search for fairly and sustainably produced raw materials of the best organic quality. Because our skin and our environment need careful care.


Skin knowledge

What goes on your body goes into your system, so taking care of yourself with natural cosmetic products makes sense and is healthy. →

Cosmetic facts

In our complex world, it has become a challenging task for consumers to choose healthy cosmetic products. →

Raw materials

We source our raw materials from responsible suppliers. Socio-ecological sustainability and organic quality in the extraction of raw materials must be guaranteed. →

Sensitive skin

Our credo is:
What comes on our body could be eaten without hesitation!
Allergy sufferers:inside can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to our products. →

PhytoVero – these are our principles


We use 100% of all vegetable raw materials from organic, sustainable cultivation.


We do not use any chemical preservatives and use either the patented silver technology or organic alcohol from certified organic production (Knospe) to stabilize the products. Also so-called “natural cosmetics preservatives” such as benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol, sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate are not found in PhytoVero products.

Sustainability and Fairtrade

PhytoVero products are in harmony with the environment in all areas. For us, sustainability starts with the cultivation of raw materials, continues with “fair-trade” production, packaging and recycling.

Transparent communication

PhytoVero stands for transparency in all aspects, including transparent interaction with our customers.

Convincing solution

We are convinced that many people think like us and like to avoid harmful substances such as microplastics, aluminum salts, parabens, etc.! Allergy sufferers can also breathe a sigh of relief thanks to our products.

Natural cosmetics labels

We are guided by the guidelines of NaTrue organic cosmetics and the basic requirement of Bioinspecta. We develop and produce NaTrue certified natural cosmetics for our private label customers.

Free from...

We use no mineral oils, no kerosenes, no microplastics, no silicone oils, no aluminum salts, no synthetic dyes and fragrances, no parabens and do not use many other substances of concern. See more under cosmetic facts.

Transparency and traceability

We trace all raw materials back to the source. If traceability is not given, the starting materials are either produced at PhytoVero itself or replaced with alternatives. Whenever possible and appropriate, local herbs, oils and distillates from Switzerland are used.

Cruelty free

We renounce animal testing and boycott all companies that do or once did such absurd things today.


What has been developed and used for years for our own use, we introduce to like-minded people.
We do this out of deep conviction because people should not consume bad, overpriced and unhealthy products. Because this harms the environment and thereby ultimately a second time again themselves.

Swiss professionalism

Our products are 100% manufactured in Switzerland at PhytoVero according to the international standard ISO22716.

Real natural cosmetics

Do without problematic substances

Since we do not use problematic substances in our cosmetics, we omit them already in the formulation. The raw materials are the key to the unhesitating gentle care of our skin and the responsible treatment of the environment. This is because the process of obtaining the raw materials determines the quality of the final product. We have developed the PhytoVero products from our own needs, as we consistently avoid all problematic substances in our cosmetics.

Our customers know the ingredients of our products and can check them via the CodeCheck app.

In this way, every consumer can scan our products using a “smartphone + app” and immediately recognize whether they contain any ingredients of concern. The CodeChek app provides the respective assessment of the product as well as an explanation of the function of the ingredients.

Review products

How do I inform myself?

With the CodeCheck app you can scan the barcode of your products. You will be immediately informed about the ingredients.

You can find the barcode to scan our natural cosmetics directly on our products or in the product descriptions on the website under tab “Information”.


Store better - live better

The Codecheck app with which you can check the ingredients of your products.

Primary and secondary containers

The packing

The hygienic and at the same time sustainable packaging of our natural products is a challenge. After reviewing the many options (glass container, wooden can, and more), we settled on the following:


  • All materials should be recyclable and the hygiene and photosensitivity of the products should not be neglected.
  • The containers are made from raw materials that have already been recycled.
  • We choose the type of packaging with the better eco-balance.
  • We reuse flawless secondary packaging.
  • We only print our logo on the containers to eliminate waste due to misprints.

Only reusable glass makes ecological sense

Glass container

Glass containers are, in our opinion, the most appealing and sensually pleasing containers. The life cycle assessment of single-use glass is unfortunately worse than the life cycle assessment of rPET (recycled PET) containers. The extraction of the raw material glass is resource-intensive, the greater weight during transport causes higher CO2 consumption than rPET containers, so that glass bottles and jars only make sense as reusable glass. Until we can clean the glass containers and thus use them as reusable containers, we will not use disposable glass.

Large return of aluminum containers

Creams and ointments in the aluminum tube

For these considerations, we have chosen the aluminum tube as the hygienic primary packaging for all creams and ointments. Although the production of the aluminum tube consumes a lot of energy, this comes from our Austrian supplier from renewable sources (water), and is therefore almost CO2 neutral.

  • Aluminum tubes are 100% recyclable and are indeed recycled (>85% return rate in Switzerland).

PhytoVero soaps and lotions in

Packaging made from recycled PET

PP/PE plastic is not an option for packaging our products because it is a petroleum product, is not recycled, is extremely poorly degradable, and often ends up in the ocean rather than in the trash.
Therefore, where we cannot use the Alutube, we use either glass (at the request of our private and white label customers) or rPET (100% recycled) to achieve our goal of 100% recyclability.


Simple and convincing

Paper packaging lipbalm

Our LipBalm packaging is made of 100% “foodgrade” paper and is 100% recyclable.

Zero Waste

Refill in unpacked stores and drugstores

The “zero waste” concept complements our products perfectly. We are convinced of the philosophy of the unpacked stores and are therefore a member of the association Unverpackt Schweiz since 2022.

You can replenish our sustainable products in various unpackaged stores and drugstores. Shopping in the unpackaged store is a pleasant experience, because the well-stocked assortment of the finest local organic products makes the choice easy and relaxed shopping possible. Our products can be filled in containers that you bring with you, or beautiful glass containers can be purchased and filled.

Reuse – Reduce – Refill

Reusable closure options

Our 250ml products like soap, shampoo and body lotion are delivered to your home with an aluminum cap. For convenient dosing of PhytoVero products, we recommend that you order the soap pump, lotion pump or the Disc Top cap. The closure options can be easily cleaned and reused.


Prevent waste

Labels instead of misprint

Admittedly, we could replace our labels on the containers with a fancy imprint. However, we made a conscious decision to use the labels, because this gives us the flexibility to add new ingredients or new information to the labels and we don’t have to throw away a single aluminum tube or rPET container because something was printed on it incorrectly.

Flawless shipping of the aluminum tubes

Cardboard container from recycled cardboard

We ship our aluminum tube products in cardboard tubes made from recycled cardboard. In this way, our creams reach you in perfect condition. We take back the cardboard containers, sort them and use them for further deliveries. The sales outlets collect the cardboard containers and so they come back to us for reuse.