tooth paste #3 - star anise

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tooth paste #3 - star anise
Innovative, natural, professional.  Palm oil free and vegan!

The PhytoVero vitamin B12 toothpaste with cold pressed coconut oil and natural organic star anis extract, nourishes and protects teeth and gums in a natural way WITHOUT foaming. 

PhytoVero toothpaste 'tooth paste #3' was developed with the aim of finally offering a functional toothpaste that is 100% based on natural ingredients, fluoride-free and enriched with natural, bioactive vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin). 

With the high content (>15%) of native, cold-pressed coconut oil we follow the Ayurvedic approach. Coconut oil has an antibacterial effect and caries bacteria are neutralised and the gums are cared for. For additional caries prophylaxis, we use a high proportion (>14%) of xylitol in the formula and use sodium bicarbonate to provide a slightly alkaline MIlieu so that harmful acids are neutralised and tartar formation is inhibited. 
For a gentle but thorough tooth cleaning we use natural, mild chalk-based cleaning agents (calcium carbonate) with a defined particle size (median 3um) to achieve a low RDA value (dental abrasive value) of 40. 

With 130ppm methylcobalamin we use the bioactive form of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is of eminent importance for cell division, blood formation and the function of the nervous system. Especially in vegetarian or vegan diets, we recommend keeping an eye on the B12 blood value. 

The creamy, but not foaming formulation redefines tooth brushing. 

In nature we trust ! 


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Content 120 g
Storage Store at ambient temperature.
Closure The product is supplied either with a recyclable aluminium screw cap or a pump. Please select your product in the selection menu. The pump can of course be reused and should only be purchased once.
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