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Please select and order the suitable closure variant under accessories !

This product is palm oil free and vegan! 100% organic - 100% biodegradable. 


Our shampoo #1 is characterized by the extremely mild, detergent substances, based on natural sugar surfactants. We deliberately do without sulphates, phosphates and also conventional curd soap components so that the hair is neither strained nor dried out at a skin-neutral pH value. This is why shampoo #1 does not foam as strongly as conventional products when massaged in. Foaming is not to be equated with high cleaning power! 

The high-quality, cold-pressed organic hemp oil (Canabis sativa Seed Oil) contained in shampoo #1 has an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effect. This gently cleanses the scalp without drying it out or irritating it. Hemp oil contains alpha-linolenic acids which have a regenerating and cell renewing effect and are therefore suitable for gentle daily cleansing. 

In order to give the hair its natural shine and elasticity, our shampoo #1 as a natural emulsifier and active ingredient contains vegetable soy lecithin (GMO free), wheat proteins and a guar gern extract, naturally in organic quality.   

In hair care, lecithin acts as a care substance for smooth and healthy hair. Lecithin repairs and strengthens this with its structure-forming property. Lecithin supplies the hair with moisture and builds up a natural protective layer. The moisturizing effect of lecithin in combination with hemp oil also prevents the hair from drying out prematurely. 

Wheat protein provides a natural shine and gives the hair volume and also contains natural alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) which acts as an antioxidant. Wheat proteins surround the hair and protect it from moisture loss.

The contained guar core extract acts as an integrated conditioner and improves the combability of the hair and also has an antistatic effect. After the first applications you will notice a deep regeneration of your hair and after a few weeks of hair care with shampoo #1 your hair has recovered and you recognize its original, unadulterated strength again.

The number #1 is, as always, natural without fragrance. 


Additional product information

Content 230ml to 5000ml
Storage Store at room temperature
Closure The product is supplied with the closure variant aluminium screw cap. Please order the desired closure under accessories ! We recommend the Disc-Top closure, alternatively the Flip-Top or the soap pump depending on preference. Details about the closure variants can be found under Products/Accessories. This system has proven itself, as many people reuse the corresponding closure or decant the product into their own container/vessel/dispenser.

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