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The PhytoVero massage oils consist of the best possible qualities of base oils and active ingredients. The selected oils are all in organic quality, cold-pressed and gently filtered or left naturally cloudy. 
With our body oils we insist on the credo: 
only what is edible gets on the skin !


The PhytoVero Massage Oil #3 is a symphony of 5 ingredients, which are perfectly matched to each other and olfactorily carry the natural perfection of Bourbon Vanilla. The Bourbon Vanilla pods, with a vanilla content of 1.8%, have been carefully extracted to reproduce the complex spectrum of the vanilla aroma with over 40 components as authentically as possible. 

The combination with coconut oil, almond oil, apricot oil, rapeseed oil and jojoba oil gives this massage oil the desired feel with caring and regenerating properties even for sensitive skin.  


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Content 100ml
Storage store at room temperature or in the fridge

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