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In humans, the skin of the lip is very thin with three to five cell layers compared to the up to 16 cell layers of the remaining facial skin. As a result, the blood of the underlying blood vessels shines through more strongly than in the rest of the facial skin and leads to a distinct red colouring of the lips. 

The skin of the lips is hairless and has no sweat glands and only a few sebaceous glands. Therefore it does not have the usual hydro-lipid film like the rest of the human body, a protective layer of sweat and sebum that keeps the skin supple and kills pathogens. The lip skin therefore dries out more quickly and becomes more brittle more easily.

Since we put our tongue over our lips hundreds of times a day and wipe our lips when we ingest food, we should consider carefully what lip care products we use. 

Our credo here is absolutely: What comes on the lips can also be eaten! 

Our LipBalm's consist of 100% natural, food-grade ingredients. Pure nature ! All raw materials are organically grown and harvested sustainably and traded fairly. 

We are trying to launch a new packaging for LipBalm. Our LipBalm tubes are made of 100% food grade paper and are therefore 100% recyclable. 0% plastic and therefore 0% plastic waste. 
Application: Since there is no plastic thread anymore you can turn, you have to push the slide upwards from below using your little finger or a pen (blunt side) (with feeling). In the beginning it might take some getting used to. For the sake of the environment we can expect this additional effort on the customer side. (at least we hope) 


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