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Our facial care products support the skin's own regeneration and activate the skin's own energy metabolism.
A well looked-after, healthy skin looks young and dynamic.
We especially point out natural cosmetics when it comes to facial care. Too many synthetic active ingredients burden the natural skin metabolism in the long term. After a short time with our high-quality PhytoVero products, your skin will feel unburdened and vital again.
PhytoVero develops both light hydrogels and rich creams which have moisturizing and nurturing properties and offer the skin a plus in care. 
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The four PhytoVero care steps

The harmonious PhytoVero face care consists of the four care steps shown below.

Depending on the skin type, age and season, this skin care structure can be individually varied. Through sensitive trial and error, you will achieve the fresh PhytoVero feeling of well-being of your naturally cared-for facial skin.


Phytovero face cleaning liquid gently prepares the facial skin for futher care without irritating.

The Phytovero anti aging hydrogel is gently applied to selected areas of the face.

Care and moisturize 
Phytovero face cream is our light, moisturizing facial care for day and night.

Nourish and protect 
Phytovero all body cream nourishes and protects dry and irritated skin with nutrient-rich ingredients.



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all body cream #1

Product no.: 100018A (Lot#:220620.1/EXP10.23)

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Delivery weight: 80 g

anti aging hydrogel

Product no.: 100018H1

CHF 27.90 *
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Delivery weight: 60 g

face cream #1

Product no.: 100018F1 (Lot#:210504.1/ EXP.03.23)

CHF 27.90 *
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Delivery weight: 80 g

face cream #2

Product no.: 100018F2 (Lot#:210504.2/EXP.03.23)

CHF 28.90 *
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Delivery weight: 80 g

face cleaning liquid

Product no.: 100018FC

CHF 16.90 *
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Delivery weight: 240 g

all body cream #2

Product no.: 100018A2 (Lot#:220620.2/EXP10.23)

CHF 15.90 *
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Delivery weight: 80 g
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