PhytoVero explores and develops natural cosmetic products that meet the highest standards of sustainability in both the social and ecological sense.

The name PhytoVero consists of Phyto, the greek prefix for "herbal, plant-based" and Vero from Latin for "in truth" or "in fact".

PhytoVero's credo is: What is applied to our skin could also safely be eaten!


  • 100% of all plant based raw materials come from organic, sustainable cultivation. 

  • does not use any chemical preservatives and uses either ►patented silver technology or bio-alcohol from certified organic production (Knospe) to stabilize the products. So-called "natural cosmetics preservatives" such as benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol, sodium benzoate or potassium sorbates are not found in PhytoVero products. More information at ►cosmetic facts

  • traces all raw materials back to the source. If traceability is not ensured, the raw materials are either produced by PhytoVero itself or replaced with alternatives. Whenever possible and reasonable, local herbs, oils and distillates from Switzerland are used. Our traceability index shows where we stand as a percentage (%). You will find this index in the product descriptions. 

  • uses no mineral oils, no paraffins, no microplastics, no silicone oils, no aluminium salts, no synthetic dyes and fragrances, no parabens and renounces many other harmful substances as well.  cosmetic facts

  • logically renounces from animal experiments and boycotts all companies that do or have done something absurd like this. 

  • Products are in harmony with the environment in all areas. For us, sustainability begins with the cultivation of raw materials, continues with "fair-trade" to production, packaging and recycling. 

  • Products are manufactured 100% in Switzerland by PhytoVero according to the international standard ISO22716.

  • stands for transparency in all matters and interaction with our customers. 

Our detailed mission statement can be found under: ►philosophy 

What has been developed and used for our own needs for years is now presented to like-minded people. 
We do this out of a deep conviction that people should not continue to consume bad, overpriced and unhealthy products that harm the environment and thus ultimately harm themselves a second time. 

We are convinced that many people think as we do and like to refrain from harmful substances!