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Please select and order the suitable closure variant under accessories !

A not quite ordinary soap for ordinary purposes. A balanced, mild formula for repeated daily hand washing. 
100% organic - 100% biodegradable. Palm oil free and vegan.

soap #1 cleans the hands gently and protects them gently with the contained sunflower oil. This is characterized by the high content of linoleic acid, nourishes and regenerates the skin. The contained cosmetically effective content of alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) has an anti-inflammatory effect and inhibits the oxidation of skin lipids.  

The hands feel very clean and soft to the touch. soap #1 is unscented and so mild to the skin that it recovers. After switching to soap #1, the difference to conventional hand soaps is immediately noticeable. 

In addition, PhytoVero soap #1 is 100% biodegradable! For unpolluted waste water and healthy waters !


Additional product information

Storage Store at room temperature
Closure The product is supplied with an aluminium screw cap as standard. Please order the desired closure under accessories ! We recommend the soap pump. Details about the closure variants can be found under Products/Accessories. This system has proven itself, as many people reuse the corresponding closure or decant the product into their own container/vessel/dispenser.

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