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Our shower cream #2 is characterized by its extremely mild, detergent substances. The cold pressed organic oils contained in the formula (macadamia nut oil and apricot kernel oil) nourish the skin under the shower and do not dry out due to the gentle moisturising effect. The number #2 is delicately scented with pine oil and lemon oil, of course in organic quality. 

Due to today's lifestyle, we shower too often, too hotly and with far too aggressive surfactants, which are contained in commercially available shower products. This dries out our skin and irritates it every day. 
The PhytoVero shower cream #2 is designed for the daily shower routine. The extremely mild sugar surfactants do not dry out the skin even after regular use. On the contrary, the macadamia nut oil and apricot kernel oil (of course in organic quality, cold-pressed) contained in the product nourish the skin with their moisturising properties. The shower cream #2 also contains provitamin B5. The so-called dexpanthenol is absorbed well percutaneously and converted in the body to pantothenic acid, which plays an essential role in skin metabolism. 
Provitamin B5 thus increases the skin's moisture retention capacity and improves its elasticity. It also supports the formation of new skin cells and thus contributes to regeneration. 


The number #2 is delicately scented with lemon oil and Swiss stone pine oil, of course in organic quality. 



Additional product information

Content 240ml to 5000ml
Storage Store at room temperature
Closure The product is supplied with the closure variant aluminium screw cap. Please order the desired closure under accessories ! We recommend either the soap pump, the Flip-Top or the Disc-Top closure depending on preference. Details about the closure variants can be found under Products/Accessories. This system has proven itself, as many people reuse the closure or transfer the product into their own container/vessel/dispenser.

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