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This product is palm oil free and vegan. 100% organic - 100% biodegradable !

The PhytoVero - face cream #1 is characterized by its moisturizing and regenerating ingredients. The hyaluronic acid (resp. the sodium hyaluronate) as well as the provitamin B5 and the vitamin E nourish and regenerate the skin sustainably.

face cream #1 leaves a feeling of freshness on the facial skin and can be used as a day and night cream. 

The cold pressed organic oils and organic vegetable butter (shea butter) of our face cream #1 are embedded by vegetable emulsifiers and guarantee the moisturizing effect. The refined shea butter contained in the formula of face cream #1 regulates the skin's moisture balance and has a more subtle fragrance than the unrefined shea butter of our PhytoVero all body cream.

The contained oils and butters (argan oil, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, apricot kernel oil, shea butter) are cold-pressed in organic quality from sustainable production gently processed and form a natural UV protection. Unlike conventionally thermally produced oils and butters, these mechanically pressed oils and butters never come into contact with water or fire during production. Due to the gentle manufacturing condition of cold pressing compared to traditional manufacturing, more of the desired (healing) ingredients remain in the product and the delicate microstructure of the healing plant is preserved in its original perfection. For this formula, the shea butter was partially refined, i.e. wax-like compounds were gently removed.

As a result, you get a natural product incomparably rich in valuable substances.


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Content 40ml
Storage Store at room temperature or in a refrigerator. Do not expose to high temperatures (>30°C) for long periods.


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