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Our deodorant of course without aluminium salts! This product is palm oil free and vegan.With the active ingredients zinc ricinoleate, zinc oxide and triethylcitrat in an water/oil mixture, we have found a combination which is very well tolerated by the skin due to the refatting properties of the emulsifiers, protects the skin flora at a skin-neutral pH value, leaves the sweat glands and pores open and yet reliably protects against sweat odor. 

Delicately scented with pine and lemon oil, of course in organic quality!

The deodorant is also available as "Refill"-version with 250ml content ! 


Further information: 

The human body has two different types of sweat glands. On the one hand these are the eccrine sweat glands, which regulate predominantly the heat balance of the body by the physical effect of the evaporation cooling. Furthermore the sweat provides for the suppleness of the skin and for their correct pH value, since sweat is slightly acidic. The human body has two to four million eccrine sweat glands, an extraordinary number compared to other mammals. The number varies depending on the region of the body. There are particularly numerous sweat glands on the soles of the feet, palms and forehead. Their occurrence is highest at 600/cm² on the soles of the feet and lowest at 100/cm² on the thighs.

The second type of sweat glands are the apocrine sweat glands, which are also called scent glands. They only occur in certain skin areas (armpits, nipples, genital and perianal area) and secretion production is activated especially by emotional stimuli (e.g. fear, arousal, anger). The "apocrine sweat glands" or scent glands release other substances in addition to pheromone-like scents, which are only converted into various scent substances together with the sebum under the influence of skin bacteria. Unlike the so-called "eccrine sweat glands", fragrance glands are each bound to a hair follicle and restricted to certain body regions. Their secretion and that of the sebaceous glands as well as the respective bacterial flora of a skin region is responsible for the (natural) body odour. Therefore, scent glands often play a not insignificant role in social and sexual behaviour.

Sweat alone would be almost odourless, so the actual cause of sweat odour is degradation products of bacteria living on the skin, which decompose sweat.

Both forms of sweat glands are innervated by the sympathetic nervous system, but not with the same neurotransmitter. The eccrine sweat glands have cholinergic and the apocrine glands have adrenergic receptors.

We at PhytoVero do not want to impair or influence the function of the sweat glands. We also do not use antibacterial substances that negatively affect the skin flora, nor do we change the pH of the skin with sodium hydroxide or sodium bicarbonate.

The effect of our deodorants is based on the effect that the fragrances secreted by the apocrine glands are molecularly enclosed (coated) and therefore cannot be broken down by the natural skin bacteria.

Sweating is healthy and natural! In our opinion, it does not make sense to inhibit this process with antiperspirants such as (aluminium-zirconium-tetrachlorohydrate, aluminium chloride and propantheline bromide).


Additional product information

Content 50ml
Storage Store at room temperature

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